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December Cajun Combo party

Any excuse for a party!…I’ve always liked playing dance music at the Marrickville Bowling Club …nice big dancefloor, mirror ball,Italian restaurant….fiddle tunes, boogie woogie,two-steps and country ,free entry …what more could you ask for ?

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the jazz band 5

Ade Monsborough,Australian Jazz,Old and New,In search of the Bush Sounds

Easter,2006, everybody goes bush on holidays, relaxes… a bit of fishing,  power-boating, or camping. I’m always amazed at how much stuff people can load into their cars:-bikes, tents, pots and pans, chairs, pets,all piled up precariously. You also see some very wizzy trailors :-home-made, custom –built ,trendy designer trailers, all sorts. I drove up across […]

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