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welcome to my world

Greetings fellow citizens of this mean,old world and welcome to my little virtual piece of it. The world is a glorious  and  baffling  place with all it’s good and  all it’s bad. I like to think that my humble contributions as a musician,instrumentalist, songwriter and visual artist make it  a little more interesting and better […]

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Fiddling at Arcadia Rd

fiddlin in arcadia

I am busy working on a collection of new fiddle tunes which reflect my interest in folk styles such as old-time Australian,Cajun,traditional English,waltzes,mazurkas,reels and swing . I have been writing  fiddle tunes  for many years and have  amassed a very large number of them. Many of them have been written on my journeys around Australia […]

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resting up over Easter 2015

Having had a very busy Summer season of performing music in Australia ,I am resting up and doing a bit of practise,composition and writing over Easter. Highlights included Tamworth Country Music Festival with well-known guitarist,Sam Lemann,accordion virtuoso, Garry Steel,Dave Patterson on bass and Ron Mahoney on drums.A gruelling Guitar battle with Stuie French and Warren […]

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Review by Micheal Dwyer (2009) : The Age

Andy Baylor has opted not to play the glamour card. His blues is poetry of the back verandah kind, citing John Lee Hooker above John Donne, with a come-as-you-are feel set to the rhythm of the Melbourne suburbs. His decades of experience are evident not in precision licks but in a relaxed right hand, subtle […]

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