Welcome to my website….. Here you will find  information about my professional activities as an independent Australian musician (that means I have no corporate ties, for better and for worse!!).I’m pretty much free to do what I like and have been for over 40 years . I am naturally ‘non-genre specific’, i.e. I don’t play just one thing but draw on all kinds of threads and  styles. I’ve always been curious and have had broad  interests….I play  music on fiddle and guitar, folk music, jazz stylings, country styles, old-time acoustic music, hillbilly boogie woogie and western swing, blues of all kinds, soul, rock and  pop. I also play mandolin,viola and piano. I write prose. poetry and lyrics,  and  spend many quiet hours  making visual art- watercolours,drawings and oil paintings .I look to the past but am not trapped in it. I  am continually learning  from  the many great artistic , musical and cultural traditions of the world, but I am not born into them or  feel bound by them. My Bio page will fill you in on some of  my professional history .

If you want to hear any of my music, get in touch or, better still, come to a live performance! Check out shows/gigs. I continue to have a low-profile on the internet as far as my music is concerned -I’m not on Itunes ,Spotify ,Sound Cloud or Bandcamp …I’m not sure if this is good or bad and may change in the future …at least I’m not spending all my time  enslaved at a computer screen ! Personally, I find the CD format still the best way to share music if you are a small independent artist…They are easy to make and transport and there is some fair,reasonable financial return for the artist. Call me out-of -date or unhip…showing my age !! …anyway if you’re really  interested in my music I can send you a CD .

If you would like to make any comments or leave me a message, please do so.

Thanks again for having a look at my website. See you out there somewhere, sometime, somehow.